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Becoming Antioch Partners

Bacilia and I have some exciting news to share about our mission assignment in Guatemala. We, along with our children, are now be part of the Antioch Partners, a U.S. missionary-sending agency with close Presbyterian connections. We’re so grateful to God for this answer to prayer. The Antioch Partners (TAP) began in 2006 as a joint endeavor of the Outreach Foundation and the Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship to support long-term missionaries in cross-cultural settings around the globe. TAP collaborates with the Presbyterian Church, working with US churches and a wide range of mission partners around the world.

TAP logo 1.29.2013     TAP’s mission is to “send out followers of Jesus to participate in God’s mission in the world. We are committed to inviting people to follow Jesus, social justice and establishing worshipping communities among unreached peoples throughout the world.”

TAP’s vision: “Presbyterians effectively equipped, sent out and supported as they participate in God’s mission in the world, and every Presbyterian congregation extensively, strategically, and radically involved in this process.”

Here are some of the values and principles that have drawn us to TAP:

• A conviction that God calls us to join in Christ’s mission around the world.
• A recognition that the most vibrant church growth is now occurring in Africa, Latin America and Asia, not in the West.
• A passion for proclaiming the Gospel to unreached people groups, and for joining with emerging churches that strive to  more effectively reach their people groups.
• A commitment to servanthood and simple living in our international mission settings, acknowledging the challenges of Western missionary affluence.
• An awareness that our Presbyterian churches in the US desperately need renewal, and that partnering in God’s global mission is a means to that renewal.
• An appreciation for our Presbyterian roots and connections in the US, even as God calls us to serve primarily as disciples of Jesus and citizens of God’s kingdom.

TAP has an organizational structure that provides accountability for us as we continue to serve Christ with the Presbyterian Church in Guatemala (IENPG). An important part of TAP’s role is helping us build support relationships of every kind—prayers, moral, logistics, and economic. One of our critical goals through TAP is to form a network of giving towards our family’s living expenses, insurance, pension, travel, children’s education, and ministry costs. Our work in Guatemala depends on this, and Bacilia and I invite you to be part of that network.

Since our ties to Presbyterian World Mission of the PC(USA) ended last July, the IENPG has kindly provided our family with a stipend to cover basic needs. Some US churches and individuals have helped with uncovered expenses by sending contributions to the Outreach Foundation. From now on, contributions like these should be sent to TAP. One of our financial goals is to relieve the IENPG of the expense of our stipend, so they can devote those funds to other important ministries.

Bacilia and I hope you’ll consider supporting us in the future financially and prayerfully through The Antioch Partners. If you’d like to do so, please look at the website: There you’ll find our “Partner Bio” and information about how you can donate.

Praise be to the Lord who opens doors for every one of us to answer the call to follow Jesus and to participate in Christ’s amazing mission with our own gifts in different ways.



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