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Starting the New Year in Honduras

During the 1st part of 2016, we made our periodic jaunt to Honduras, Bacilia’s country of origin. We spent a couple days in La Ceiba, glad to see that the dilapidated pier has been restored and the seedy waterfront has a new boardwalk. (See photo) DSC03333We found a restaurant called Super’s Chicken we liked so much we ate there 3 times. On Sunday we enjoyed worshipping at Zion Methodist Church, where I was pastor for 4 years in the nineties. It was an honor to help serve Holy Communion. (See photos) DSC03343DSC03349

Our next stop was Santa Rosa de Aguán, the seaside village where Bacilia grew up. Days were filled dropping in on her extended family, also swimming, hiking, and playing games with neighbor kids. (See photo)DSC03374 A dancing and singing troupe called a fedu roamed around the village. (See photo) Once wDSC03364hile crabbing, our boat docked next to a huge, poisonous viper called a Tamarás Negro, which was promptly whacked to death. (See photo)DSC03385

After our stay came the 3-day series of boats, busses and vehicles leading back to Cobán. Yes, we picked up some souvenirs—countless mosquito, tick and sand fly bites. We also brought back our gratitude for another opportunity to reconnect with a land and people that we love.


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